Tasker GROUP

Tasker GROUP


Putting research into practice

Multimedia textbook

Bucat, R.,Tasker, R., & Mahaffy, P. (2009, 2014). Chemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity. Nelson Publishing Canada. Available in International and Canadian editions.

VisChem Project site

Freely available animations, videos and learning activities are accessible from the VisChem web site VisChem.com.au
These have been used by chemistry educators, and in university-level
textbooks (view Atkins and Jones Chemistry Principles and Vollhartd Organic Chemistry) and high school chemistry textbooks (view ChemCom).

Atkins and Jones
Chemistry Principles

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Organic Chemistry

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High School Chemistry

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Research site
for VisChem Learning Design

Tasker, R., Dalton, R., Sleet, R., Bucat, B., Chia, W. and Corrigan, D. (2002). VisChem Learning Design: Visualising Chemical Structures and Reactions at the Molecular Level to Develop a Deep Understanding of Chemistry Concepts.

Visualization in Science Teaching Fellowship

The aim of this Australian National Senior Teaching Fellowship entitled Research into practice: evidence-informed best practice visualisation for a deeper understanding of science is to lead a national conversation on visualisation in university science teaching, informed by the latest cognitive science research on the factors determining how the brain perceives, process, stores and retrieves audiovisual information. Go to the Fellowship web site at ScienceVis.com.au

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Tasker GROUP

Recorded Presentations

Watch two of Roy's presentations describing the importance of molecular visualization, and the use of the cognitive learning model to inform teaching practice

Research into Practice:
Visualisation of the Molecular World for a Deep Understanding of Chemistry

Presented at the Australian National University Research School of Physics and Engineering, Director’s Colloquium, in Apr 2012

Research into Practice: 
A Useful Learning Model to Inform Teaching

Presented at the Deakin University Teaching and Learning Conference 2012